E-textbook on Financial Literacy

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Faculty of Economics

Editor: R.Kokorev, Head of the Laboratory of the Financial Literacy, MSU

The e-textbook on financial literacy was prepared by Federal Center for Financial Literacy (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Economics) within the framework of the Russia’s National Financial Literacy and Financial Education Project realized by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the World Bank.

The target audience of the e-textbook are students of all majors and individuals interested in financial literacy. The content of the e-textbook divided into two main parts: personal budgeting and personal finance planning tools. The e-textbook is available for free download for computers and smartphones (IOS and Аndroid). The electronic format of the textbook allows content actualization made by authors when changes in legislation or important economic and financial parameters occur.

The e-textbook contains hyperlinks to various web-sites with important statistics, legislative normative documentation and other relevant information for readers interested in acquiring deeper knowledge. E-textbook could serve for independent self-study. Readers could pass tests before and after each chapter for self-evaluation.

E-textbook accompanied by teachers’ guide, which contains various teaching support materials for each chapter, including cases with teaching notes, tests, open questions, research questions, etc. Teacher’s guide is available for download after registration.

E-textbook was tested in teaching process by more than 300 university lecturers in 15 regions of the Russian Federation and is used by MSU as a main textbook for the open course “Smart Financial Behavior”.